Becoming A Legal Secretary

 The position of legal secretary is not one to be taken lightly.  While many of the day to day duties are the same as any other secretary or administrative assistant, the legal secretary responsibilities include many more duties that need extensive knowledge and education in the practices of law. 

Legal Secretaries quite often are supporting anywhere from 2 to 5 attorneys with their client services at one time.  Their tasks may include organization of conference calls, and scheduling meetings with clients.  Performing research tasks, preparing reports, organize correspondence between clients and attorneys, filing official documents, summonses, subpoenas, or motions for the attorney will be a daily occurrence.  A legal secretary will be asked to investigate facts for current projects and prepare legal documents, transcriptions, and correspondence. 

You will also be performing some of the same tasks that an office receptionists would normally do as well.  Answering phones, typing and filing papers, answering emails, scheduling appointments, and keeping the office in general order will also be some of the skills and responsibilities required to do the job.  The job opportunities for a legal secretary are more specific to private law firms, insurance agencies, or government agencies. 

The skills to become a legal secretary will require a high school diploma or a GED.
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You will not be required to have a college degree, but your will need specific training and skills in business, and law related subjects.  Becoming familiar with basic secretarial skills will also help you perform your duties as a legal secretary more efficiently.  You will spend most of your time typing legal documents, and letters, so good, fast and efficient computer and keyboarding skills are a must.  A legal secretary is a specialized secretary.  You will need to know many specifics in the law profession.  While many law offices will not require their legal secretaries to have a degree, knowing some of the legal lingo will help you be prepared for your potential interviews. 

If you are interested in becoming an accredited legal secretary, you can obtain a certificate through many community colleges, and specialty continuing education programs.   Many employers are requiring that they are ABA certified programs, so do a little bit of research before choosing your school. 

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